Bioenergy potential of certain local varieties of black currants

Zhidehina T...
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Zhidehina T...


Study of net productivity of photosynthesis in leaves of black currant varieties under changing environmental conditions made it possible to distinguish cultivars among local assortment which are characterized by consistently high indicators - Dove Seedling, Kipiana, Little Prince, Chernavka, Shalunya, Bagheera, Tamerlane, Green haze and Elevesta. It has been found that the varieties of Kipiana, Dove seedling, Shalunya, Chernavka, Little Prince and Tamerlane are flexible and show the increasing productivity of photosynthesis to improving the environmental and agronomic conditions. It has been revealed that Little Prince, Bagheera, Chernavka, Elevesta, Tamerlane and Shalunya use assimilates for most productive formation of the crop - Khoz = 40.22; 39.60; 38.82; 34.89; 31.04 and 30.14%, respectively. The optimal combination of NPP of leaves, Khoz and the efficiency of PAR was observed in the varieties of Shalunya, Chernavka, Little Prince and Elevesta.

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variety, black currant, leaf net photosynthesis productivity, coefficient of assimilants realization to the yield, photosynthetically active radiation
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Zhidehina T... Bioenergy potential of certain local varieties of black currants // Russian Journal of Horticulture. – doi: 10.18334/rujoh.2.1.383

Zhidehina, T... .. Russian Journal of Horticulture . doi: 10.18334/rujoh.2.1.383

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